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產品: 側柱加厚底板-BMW R1200GS

側柱加厚底板-BMW R1200GS

庫存單位: 10102-10

Does your motorcycle lean to much to the side when parked?
If so, our side stand raise is just what you need.
Especially with luggage packed on the bike and uneven soils it could happen that your bike overturns.
With the MV adapter shoe the side stand achieves a corresponding extension, enlargement and increase and makes raising your motorcycle much easier.
Simply attach and tighten the screw.
Eventually, the original weld has to be smoothed a bit. We experienced that the even welds of the same model range are slightly different worked.
You can't fit it on the Adventure!!!
Raising 17 mm

All MV accessories were assembled and tested at original motorcycles - without foreign modifications..

BMW R1200GS  2007 - 2012 年份

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