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RAM® 短支臂  for 1吋球

RAM® 短支臂 for 1吋球

庫存單位: RAM-B-201U-A

RAM® Double Socket Arm



The RAM-B-201U-A consists of a short double socket arm that accommodates 1" B size ball bases, device holders, and adapters. With an overall length 2.42", this is the lowest profile RAM® double socket arm size. The easy to adjust knob allows for near-infinite adjustability for your connected device.


Production Dimensions:

Overall Length: 2.42"

Socket To-Socket Length: 1.75"


Ball Size: B Size (1")


Weight Capacity: Standard Use: 2 lbs , Heavy-Duty Use: 1 lb


Materials: Marine-grade aluminum


Additional Information: This product does not include the pin spring.

    NT$550 一般價格
    已含  稅金
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