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RAM® RAM-B-342 內管固定座零件包

RAM® RAM-B-342 內管固定座零件包

庫存單位: RAM-HAR-B-342U

RAM® Fork Stem Mount Hardware Pack with Rubber Expansion Plug




The stem mount hardware pack provides the hardware needed to install your Fork Stem Motorcycle base on a new bike. The pack includes a rubber expansion plug, plastic washers, lock washers, a screw and nut.

This hardware pack allows for installation of the Fork Stem Motorcycle base into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems that measure from 12 - 38mm (.5" - 1.49").


Hardware Included:
(1) Expansion Plug for 12mm - 38mm (.5" - 1.49") Fork Stem Holes
(1) M5 x 60mm Machine Screw
(1) Steel Washer Set
(1) Nut Pocket Washer Set
(1) Brass Nylock Nut

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