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RAM® Torque™ 75-1圓管固定座-1吋球

RAM® Torque™ 75-1圓管固定座-1吋球

庫存單位: RAM-B-408-75-1U

RAM® Torque™ Medium Rail Base



The RAM® Torque™ handlebar mounting base features a 1" B size RAM® rubber ball and is compatible with rails 3/4” to 1” in diameter. Sizing inserts are included to provide a tight fit while also protecting the mounting surface. The RAM® Torque™ mounting base also includes nylon-insert locknuts to prevent loosening in high vibration environments.


Hardware Inculuded
(2) #10-24 x 1" Socket Head Cap Screws
(2) #10-24 Nylock Nuts
(2) .75" Composite Bushings
(2) .9" Composite Bushings
(1) 88.9mm Rubber Strip
(1) 5/32" Hex Key Wrench


Clamp Range: 直徑.75"-1" / 1.9cm -2.54cm


Ball/Socket Size: B Size (1")


Weight Capacity: Standard Use: 2 lbs 
Heavy-Duty Use: 1 lb


Materials: Marine-grade aluminum


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