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RAM® Tough-Track™ 軌道/滑槽-爪型座

RAM® Tough-Track™ 軌道/滑槽-爪型座

庫存單位: RAP-400-TRACKU

RAM® Tough-Track™ with Large RAM® Tough-Claw™

RAM® Tough-Track™ with Medium RAM® Tough-Claw™

RAM® Tough-Track™ with Small RAM® Tough-Claw™


Mount, move, and adjust a variety of devices to a rail, bar, or tube using the RAM® Tough-Track™ with RAM® Tough-Claw™. With the twist of a knob, the included large RAM® Tough-Claw™ base clamps to rail surfaces ranging from .625” to 2.25” in diameter without any need for tools. The connected 12” composite, center top-loading RAM® Tough-Track™ has an inside track mounting length of 10.75” and is compatible with all RAM® track components. By loosening the screw, easily reposition the direction of the track or even conveniently remove the track when not needed.

Hardware Included  
Assembly Hardware

Clamp Range

RAP-401-TRACKU -大爪型座 1" - 2.2" = 2.54cm - 5.58cm

RAP-404-TRACKU -中爪型座 1" - 1.6" =2.54cm - 4.06cm

RAP-400-TRACKU -小爪型座 .625" - 1.14"=1.58cm - 2.89cm

High strength composite



NT$1,700 一般價格
已含  稅金
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