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Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 平衡充電器

Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 平衡充電器

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Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 Blance Charger


The Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 has a 550W max output, supporting a single pack of up to 75. Using two EOS 0730i NET3 chargers, you can network them and charge two similar packs, to make a balanced flight pack using both in series, such as 75+75 for I45 flightpack. 20 stored memory slots and a host of powerful options and features make the charger versatile, powerful, and easy to use.

1 x Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 charger
1 x Set DC input clamps
1 x USB cable
1 x Charge main leads w/4mm gold bullets
1 x HP 2S-7S Balance adapters
1 x XH 2S-7S Balance adapters
1 x Balance Adapter harness to charger
1 x User Manual

Main features:
ㆍBuilt-in Hyperion LBA 10/300 balancer with 300mA max balance rate per cell
ㆍ12-bit Resolution balance circuits for industry-leading accuracy
ㆍStore mode for LiPo, LiFe, and Lilon allows fast charge/discharge to 60%~70% capacity for best battery life
ㆍCycle mode for LiPo, Life, Lilon, NiCd, and NiMH
ㆍBuit-in Discharge function
ㆍTCS-Terminal Capacity Selection during charge to speed charge and/or increase battery cycle life 
ㆍTVC-Terminal Voltage Control for LiPo, LiFe,and PB

ㆍUSB port for Firmware upgrades, and PC Control & Data Suite software system, which
allows full control of the charger via PC,Datalogging, Memory Management and more
ㆍTemperature sensor port and Temp stop setting (Use with optional HP-EOSTMPSEN)
ㆍPower Supply Amperage Control to allow reliable charging with lower output power
ㆍPower Supply Voltage Control works in concert with Amperage Control to ensure the charger does not overload your variable power supply
.Integral,Thermostat controlled cooling fans
.20 User definable Memory positions


Hyperion EOS Control & Data Suite (ECDS)
Using the EOS Control & Data Suite from Hyperion, you can control all aspects of a Hyperion charger; including editing and backing up memory slots. Charging/Configuration can be carried out fully via Win PC.The software supports multiple chargers, and has a wide variety of powerful graphing and battery analysis functions.

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