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RAM® Tough-Track™ 鋁合金模組軌道/滑槽-黑色

RAM® Tough-Track™ 鋁合金模組軌道/滑槽-黑色


Modular Aluminum Black RAM® Tough-Track™




With the RAM® Tough-Track™, flat surface mounting possibilities are nearly endless for ATVs, cars, combines, motorboats, tractors, trucks, and more. The black anodized aluminum version of the RAM® Tough-Track™ can be drilled to any flat surface and is designed for use with #8 screws for easy installation – hardware not included. Made to be a dependable and rugged mounting solution, the anodized aluminum provides a smooth slide across the track and anti-corrosion protection.



各款軌道寬度: 0.9"/ 2.28cm 
各款軌道厚度: 0.43"/ 1.09cm

各款長度 : 

RAM-TRACK-EXA-3BU  :總長6" /15.24cm , 軌道3" /7.62cm  重量0.17lb /0.08kg
RAM-TRACK-EXA-5BU  :總長8" /20.32cm , 軌道5" /12.7cm  重量0.21lb /0.09kg
RAM-TRACK-EXA-9BU  :總長12"/30.48cm , 軌道9" /22.86cm 重量0.28lb /0.13kg
RAM-TRACK-EXA-13BU :總長16"/40.64cm , 軌道13"/33.02cm 重量0.36lb /0.16kg 
RAM-TRACK-EXA-17BU :總長20"/50.80cm , 軌道17"/43.18cm 重量0.42lb /0319kg



RAM® Track Ball™ with T-Bolt Attachment

    價格自 NT$500
    已含  稅金
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